Acumen Import

The scope of deduplication may be across batches, custodians sources, or cases. For example, data from file servers may be deduplicated across sources, while email may be deduplicated across batches. In the processed batch wizard, an Acumen user may choose one of the following de-duplication mehtods:

1. Individual Duplicates – Two files with the same MD5 hash are considered individual duplicates, no matter where they are located.

2. Family Relationship or Contextual Duplicates: Acumen allows the user to deduplicate based on where the file is located. Thus if a document is acquired from a custodian’s My Documents folder and the same document is discovered as an attachment to several different e-mails; these two documents would NOT be considered contextual duplicates because they have been harvested from different contexts.

Acumen currently allows the user to produce every document within a custodian’s file – even pure duplicates of files collected from another custodian by choosing the ALL choice on Acumen’s import wizard. Users may then “toggle on and toggle off” the dispaly of duplicates for reviewers. This saves review time and expense as well as promotes a higher quality of review.


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