Acumen Export    

Acumen offers both image (TIFF or PDF) and native productions. There are no hidden fees or additional licenses required to convert files to image formats (TIFF or PDF) and brand with header and footer information.

Native productions

Acumen produces over a hundred thousand native files in seconds and exports these with files names containing bates numbers in just minutes, depending on the destination system file format. Currently Acumen's export for 100,000+ files to Concordance takes under 2 minutes.

Image productions

For image productions, Acumen users may export files as single page or multi-page TIFF, PDF, or for IPro, Introspect, or Opticon viewers. For both image and native productions, choose to export load files for Concordance, Introspect, or delimited files (comma, pipe, tab, or accent) for loading into Summation or other tools. Optionally export document metadata, attributes, designations (codes), and searchable extracted text. Acumen’s production set wizard provides the flexibility to pick exactly which image format, load file format, and metadata fields you produce. Pinpoint precisely which files you will produce with powerful status, designation, and metadata filters.

Production turnaround time varies based on the file types in the production set. Acumen production processes may be distributed among multiple servers to increase throughput. Here are benchmark production rates for tiffed pages per hour by file type per server (using HP BL460c):

Bates numbering

Bates numbers are assigned at production time. The case admin controls the length, prefix and starting Bates number for each production set, with helpful insight from the production wizard about the most recently used Bates number for a given case. Image productions are branded with a Bates number and other fields of the case admin’s choice. Native productions include the Bates number in the file name. The ‘renumber’ function in Acumen accommodates quickly re-branding a Bates number onto image productions in the event that documents must be added or removed from the production set at the last minute.


Acumen manages data as XML. This allows data to flow intelligently through the e-discovery lifecycle, including the flexibility of exporting Acumen data as XML.